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Serving Process Anywhere in Michigan

  • At Infiniti Process Serving of Michigan  we offer you exceptional service and peace of mind knowing your legal documents are in the competent hands of experienced servers

  • Over a decade of experience in process serving has provided us with a longstanding track record of success, no matter how difficult the serve know that every possible avenue is taken in our attempts at personal service

  • We have access to and use many different databases that are often used by law enforcement, allowing us to locate defendants quickly with the best possible information

  • Despite being based in southeast Michigan, we have servers throughout the state and offer statewide service (prices may vary) 

  • Unlike many Michigan process serving companies we carry general liability as well as E&O insurance policies

We offer a large range of options regarding service of process, for example we offer rush and expedited services. If service is needed within 24, 48 or 72 hours just let us know. For extreme rush cases we can make multiple attempts in a 24 hour period upon request. 


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